About Us


OOFFRR is a 'Shop and Earn' App. It is a one stop shop for all your lifestyle needs. It includes the categories like Food, Fashion, Body Care, Electronics, Daily Needs and Entertainment. OOFFRR aims at providing a hassle free and enjoyable shopping experience to all the shoppers with the widest range of offers on its app and web portal. Our Brand is making a conscious effort to bring the awareness among the shoppers to step up their level of shopping by not only just shopping but through smart shopping. By smart shopping OOFFRR means that here our shoppers get to earn certain rewards after shopping.

OOFFRR App Menu Bar


In Home menu OOFFRR App has four tabs described below


In this section shoppers explore through our vivid categories which includes food, fashion, entertainment, body care, electronics and daily needs.


Under ODeals option whatever deals redeemed by the shopper will be displayed here.


Third option is OCash. So the process is when you redeem a offer through our app you earn some OCash rewards. When certain amount of OCash is collected then you receive gift cards through OOFFRR Gift Gallery.


Here shoppers can be a part of us and can explore the posts, photos and videos uploaded by the OOFFRR on social media.

Near By

This menu will take you to the most nearest OOFFRR zones according to your location through the live GPS map.

Offer Guide

Through this menu all the shoppers can take a look at the proper guide of all the OOFFRR locations present all over the world.


This menu gives shoppers the privilege to create your own profile with OOFFRR through facebook and google. All the shoppers are welcome to suggest any query or feedback.